Victory! RM Council unanimously denies rezoning

Today, March 25 2019 the RM of Corman Park Council heard Fortune Minerals’ rezoning application at the regular Council meeting. Information was presented by the RM’s Senior Planner; followed by David Henry, Ann Coxworth and Peter Prebble of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society; and then dairy farmer Calvin Vaandrager of the local Citizens Concerned about Fortune Minerals group. A petition against the development with 2644 signatures was delivered by local resident Norm Grier.

The motion to deny the rezoning was moved by Councillor Joanne Janzen and seconded by Councillor Wendy Trask. Reeve Judy Harwood then called the question. All Councillors raised their hands immediately. Reeve Harwood said “There you have your answer – the vote is unanimous.”  Fortune Minerals’ rezoning application has been denied.

Thanks to the RM Council for your votes in favour of a healthy and safe future for our community. Thanks to everyone who has been involved for all of your hard work to protect our water, our land, our air, and our future generations!


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  1. Taya Richardson | Reply

    This is incredible!!! Thank you so much to Cathy, Lyle, Ken, Pat and everyone that has worked so hard on this for so long. You guys didn’t give up or get tired just kept at them. And kept at all of us to stay organized and keep voicing our concerns. I am so glad they heard all our voices and the democratic process worked. Well done community; What a fantastic day!!!

    Taya Richardson Sent from my iPhone



  2. doalldevelopments | Reply

    Wow best news ever!!!

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  3. Fantastic news, thank you everyone that provided research, insights and arguments against this terrible idea.

    Was well worth the effort.

    Alice Csuka.


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